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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Illegal topics of information.....

In my last post, a reader requested info on a topic that is (as far as I'm aware) currently illegal no matter how out of date it is (phone phreaking). However, the answer is: Yes, I do have a substantial amount of information on the subject. The sad news is, I am unable to post it without Google ban-hammering me. However, they do not control what I send through my personal communications so if you would like to know information on a subject that may be considered illegal, feel free to use the "contact me" link. All I ask in return is that you sign up for feedburner by e-mail. While I have no way of checking up on if you actually read the e-mails sent, I trust that as my readers/followers, you would want to know about blog updates anyway and simply need a little motivation to  subscribe.


  1. Phreaking is pretty awesome ass stuff, if you can find the right phones for it

  2. Hey..Just a request - do you have anything on wireless routers or some such thing???


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